Surgical procedures

Dr. Wever focuses on a limited number of procedures.
Every year he performs around 170 rhinoplasties and over 50 rejuvenation procedures, including many face-neck lifts.
He also regularly performs minor procedures such as blepharoplasty and chin augmentations.

Dokter Wever - neuscorrectie


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can clearly yield immense cosmetic gains: the cost-benefit balance is generally very favorable. Patients of Dr. Wever are usually very aware of this, they have a sharp aesthetic self-image and a clear idea of the changes they desire.

Dokter Wever - facelift en halslift

Face and neck lift

Aging is a gradual process in which vertical prolapse, bone and fat loss, and surface changes of the skin play a major role. It results, to a greater or lesser extent, in wrinkles, deep folds, and shadows.

Dokter Wever - kinvergroting

Small neck lift or “submentoplasty”

Sometimes young patients (< 40) also complain about the lack of contour of their chin and jawline. In some cases, this is caused by being overweight and the best advice is to lose a few pounds. More often, however, there is a predisposition and specific anatomical structure that gives rise to the problem.

Dokter Wever - wenkbrauwen en oogleden behandeling

Eyebrows and eyelids

Forehead wrinkles, the position of the eyebrows, and excess skin of the upper eyelids are all signs of the same aging process. Vertical prolapse of the eyebrows, loss of fat around the eye socket, overactivity of the forehead muscles, and thinning of the skin are partly responsible for drooping eyelids.

Dokter Wever - kinvergroting

Chin augmentation

A small chin is rather common and is fortunately not always a cause for concern. Especially in women, a smaller chin can actually adorn the face, making it softer and more feminine. However, this is less so in more serious cases.