About Dr. Wever

Dr. Wever

Dokter Wever - portret Capi Wever
For Dr. Capi Wever (1966), facial plastic surgery is his life’s mission. He has performed over 3000 rhinoplasties and rejuvenation procedures and is known among his patients as an absolute perfectionist.
Although Dr. Wever masters all facial plastic procedures, he is best known for his natural-looking rhinoplasties, and facelifts. The principles are always sound advice, and a predictable and natural result.


Dokter Wever - internationale lezing

Dr. Wever during ISAPS Miami.

Dr. Wever grew up on the Caribbean island of Aruba. He studied in Massachusetts, USA for several years before starting medical school in Amsterdam (VUMC) in 1987. At the UMC Radboud in Nijmegen, he specialized in ENT surgery (2004) and obtained his PhD (2002) with a high-profile medical ethical thesis.
The United States has always been an important source of inspiration over his professional career. Having completed his surgical internship, he was trained by the American facial plastic pioneer, Dr. Steve Perkins (Indianapolis). Later in his career, he developed a friendship with Tessa Hadlock (Harvard University), from whom he learned facial nerve repair techniques.

Dr. Wever has an international reputation among his colleagues. He lectures dozens of times every year to both ENT surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Dr. Wever also works at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) ), where he specialized in reconstructive facial paralysis surgery.