Dokter Wever - operatie neuscorrectie facelift

Expert surgeon in facelifts and rhinoplasties


Procedures per year.


Internationally invited lectures. 

It is all about results

“Top-notch results are absolutely critical in facial surgery. Our patients travel to The Hague from all over the Netherlands and Flanders for Dr. Wever’s natural and reproducible results.”
Dokter Wever - portret Capi Wever

Natural perfection

Doctor Wever performs 170 rhinoplasty procedures and over 50 aging surgeries per year:

Het team van dokter Wever

All we do is face

Our clinic has a clear vision: we are a purely surgical practice, Dr. Wever is the only surgeon and we only do facial surgery. All our passion and energy is focused on that. We believe this is an important precondition for excellence. Although we treat a select group of clients with Botox and injectable fillers, we have virtually no room for expansion in this area. We do not perform laser or other energy based treatments. We do not sell skin products.


We operate around 250 patients annually. We do not take on any more clients. This makes our service personal and informal. We know our clients, understand exactly what they want and where their concerns lie.

“To be able to provide sound advice, you need to master the entire surgical palette.”

“To be able to provide sound advice, you need to master the entire surgical palette.”

Dokter Wever - operatie neuscorrectie facelift

Knowledge and 

Having performed more than 2500 rhinoplasties and hundreds of face-neck lifts, Dr. Wever is recognized as one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in Europe.

Long lasting results

As a team, we aim for safe and reproducible results, explicitly including the long term. Of course, it is important to realize great results within a short timeframe, but they must also be stable and durable.

Our clients

Our clients come from all over the Netherlands and Flanders, and occasionally travel even further. They are generally very well acquainted with the results of Dr. Wever and choose to be operated by him specifically for this very reason. We are proud that more than half of our clients are referred by a previous patient.

Dokter-Wever-operatie neuscorrectie facelift

Safety and quality

Safety is paramount in all our processes. Dr. Wever himself has been actively involved in healthcare safety initiatives for more than a decade. We see ourselves as a self-learning clinic, continually making changes where necessary.


Dr. Wever pays exceptional personal attention to his clients and delivers work of the highest quality.
He puts his clients at ease and listens attentively.
He delivers top-notch care!


We are centrally located in the historical Nirwana-building in The Hague.