Safety and quality

Safety is paramount in all our processes. Dr. Wever himself has been actively involved in safety management for more than ten years. We see ourselves as a self-learning organization, continually making changes where necessary.

Our accessibility is 24/7 and is guaranteed. Although calamities are extremely rare, we do have an upscaling arrangement with Leiden University Medical Center. In recent years, we have only had to use this once. We operate in an excellent class 1, ZKN accredited OR. Our anesthesiologists, scrub techs and other staff have been selected for their quality-oriented mindset and have been working with us for years. They are very well accustomed to each other and know exactly what the specific requirements for our patients are. Over the course of 10 years and thousands of procedures we have never had complications with permanent and irreparable damage. Our aim is to satisfy every client to the highest possible standard and usually we succeed in this. In the unlikely event that we fail, we will make every effort to solve this. Accordingly, we have been able to limit the number of formal complaints to an absolute minimum (1) in recent years.